Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Basic Facts

What is Moment?

Moment is a wearable device that helps you improve your sense of direction, augment your time perception, and stay more productive.

How does Moment work?

Moment draws shapes on your skin using advanced tactile (haptic) feedback.

Does Moment tell time?

Moment doesn't tell time in a conventional sense, but you can create custom timers to augment or enhance your perception of time—so you'll likely find yourself needing to check the time a lot less often.

Is Moment a smartwatch?

Moment is not a smartwatch, but instead a device that improves your sense of direction, sense of time, and intuitive understanding of events.

Purchasing Moment

When will the first units ship?

Moment will ship to customers June 30, 2017.

What comes in the box?

You will receive a device, wrist band, and USB cable.

Will Moment ship internationally?

Yes, however please note that you will be responsible for any customs fees, duties, VAT, import taxes, special delivery fees administered by your government, and brokerage fees. These are not included in the cost of shipping or handling of your order, and we are unable to estimate those fees for you.

Technical Specs

Does Moment have a screen?

No, Moment does not have a screen.

Is Moment waterproof?

Moment is not completely waterproof. While not fully submersible, Moment is safe from sweat and small amounts of water.

Does Moment come with any sensors?

Moment makes use of an accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer to calibrate and provide interactive feedback.

Does it measure heart rate?

Moment currently does not have a heart rate sensor.

How does Moment provide haptic feedback?

Moment provides haptic feedback using four linear resonant actuators.

How long does the battery last?

Up to a week on a single charge.

Wrist Bands

Can you change the band?

Yes, Moment is compatible with any 22mm watch band or strap.

Does Moment come with a band?

Yes, Moment comes with a sweat-resistant silicone watch band.

What type of wrist bands can be used with Moment?

Any 22mm watch strap with a spring pin.

Apps & Software

Does it work with my phone?

Moment works with iPhone (iOS version 9+) and Android (version 4.1+) devices.

Is Moment an app?

Moment is a device you wear around your wrist, but it comes with an app you can use to pair Moment to your phone.

Does it work with my computer?

In the future, Moment will be able to wirelessly connect to your computer as well.

Can I use multiple Moments at the same time?

Yes, but not all apps are compatible with multiple devices being used simultaneously.

Can I make apps with Moment?

We are pilot testing an SDK that will eventually be publicly available. For early access, please send an email to


Do I have to remember each vibrational pattern?

No, rather than have to remember each unique vibration, the mind develops an intuition for the different patterns over time.

What is sensory substitution?

Sensory substitution is the process of introducing a new stream of information to the body using a different sense. For example, the information you would typically read on a screen can be turned into a feeling on your skin, effectively adding senses to the human body.

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