About Us

Our mission is to augment the human sensory system.
We build devices that turn information into intuition.

Your sixth sense

The science behind Moment.

The first step to a
screenless future

Nothing is more natural than our sense of touch. Rather than strapping smaller screens to our wrists, we should be turning our skin into a programmable display.

Adding senses to the
human body

Moment lets you feel information that becomes intuition over time. Modern neuroscience research has shown that our brains are capable of adapting to accommodate new streams of information.

Designed with you
in mind

Moment combines new research in haptic technology with the latest best practices in user interface design and human factors research to provide an experience unlike anything else.


We started Somatic Labs to push the boundaries of the human sensory system. Shantanu spent six years at the Center for Cognitive Ubiquitous Computing exploring the ways haptic feedback could be used to create assistive and rehabilitative technologies. After incorporating haptic feedback into chairs, gloves, and body suits, he left Arizona State University as a 2014 Thiel Fellow.

After Shantanu developed the design concept for Moment, Ajay Karpur and Jake Rockland joined the team. Ajay brings his background in signal processing, hardware design, and software development. A hacker at heart, Jake brings experience with firmware development, full stack web development, and iOS development.

Moment, the first product released from Somatic Labs, incorporates the passions of all three of the founders: good design, cutting-edge research, and excellent software applications.

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