Be more. Screen less.

Augment your perception through your sense of touch.

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What is Moment?

Your sixth sense

The first step to a
screenless future

Nothing is more natural than our sense of touch. Rather than strapping smaller screens to our wrists, we should be turning our skin into a programmable display.

Adding senses to the
human body

Moment lets you feel information that becomes intuition over time. Modern neuroscience research has shown that our brains are capable of adapting to accommodate new streams of information.

Designed with you
in mind

Moment combines new research in haptic technology with the latest best practices in user interface design and human factors research to provide an experience unlike anything else.


Special pre-order price


Moment is the first wearable that uses precise haptic feedback to change your perception of time, improve your sense of direction, and help you stay more present.

Pre-order now, and get Moment at the pre-order price of $199.

Pre-order Now $199

Ships free worldwide. Orders Ship: June 30, 2017
You may request a full refund at any time before shipment.

Device render showing Moment's updated 30% thinner design.

Seamless design

Getting started is simple

Moment is the first of its kind. It works with your iPhone, Samsung or Android smartphone to provide you the information you want, without distractions. Just download the Moment app, pair your device, and you’re ready to go.

Screenshot displaying the main interface of the Moment app: easily turn different data streams on or off with a tap of your finger.

Connect to your smartphone


Easily customize what’s important to you


Over time, information becomes intuition

What's Inside

Designed to last, crafted with care

  • Silent and precise quad linear actuators
  • Up to a week on a single charge
  • Charges in two hours via microUSB
  • Adjustable multi-color LED
  • Durable water-resistant enclosure
  • Customizable with any 22mm strap
  • 46 x 40 x 8 mm (HxWxD) | 35g

We've hand-picked every component in Moment to make sure it delivers the best haptic feedback possible with a durable design and silent electronics.

Moment uses four linear resonant actuators to deliver finely tuned vibrations to your wrist.

We make use of tactile illusions to convey more than just a simple buzzing—the precisely-timed pulses feel like they move across your skin.

iOS & Android Ready

  • Over-the-air updates with new integrations and feedback patterns
  • Customize your device using the free Moment companion application
  • A growing library of custom triggers with IFTTT (coming soon)
  • An open SDK for developers and hackers

Made In The USA

A product we can stand behind

We’ve finished designing and developing Moment, and we’re in the process of ramping up production.

We want to be sure to deliver you a product we can stand behind, which is why we're working with manufacturing partners here in the United States.